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Meet the Johnson’s
Husband and wife Jerome and Cynthia Johnson are the co-owners of LeCakes by Design where everything is made with love.
Cynthia was inspired by her mother Leatrice Taylor who always had a desire to open her own bakery.
As a child Cynthia watched her mom bake up so many wonderful desserts as well as sample and enjoy them with the entire family.
She had no idea at the time that she was in training for LeCakes by Design.
At the passing of Cynthia’s mother in 2015 it was if though her mother’s dream of owning her own bakery fell directly into Cynthia’s lap.
A day in the bakery consist of Cynthia baking and designing cakes and Jerome taking care of the day to day operations. The two of them depend on each other’s talents to make each day successful.
I guess you figured it out by now: they named the bakery after Leatrice  LeCakes!

Leatrice Taylor


Cynthia Johnson

Owner-Baker/Cake Artist

Jerome Johnson


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